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Trade Watch Media has always stood for and delivered the news that matters most to our community. More recently, Trade Watch Media has become your best source for real-time news – from down the street to across the world. Delivering the best, most in-depth news 24/7. Serious journalism remains our mission. We are more committed than ever to delivering the hard-hitting, comprehensive news you expect, both in print and online. With The Trade Watch Media you’ll find more to the story.

Trade Watch Media is the premier grassroots website in providing locally based, independent, investigative coverage of the news, politics, arts and culture that shape our Nation. We strive to deliver quality journalism and in-depth coverage of finance, market and economy with the up-to-the-minute information, we are ensuring the communities we serve have 24/7 access to what’s happening locally and around the world.

As an organization Trade Watch Media also seeks to educate both the public and our ever-growing stable of editors, Journalists and reporters to strive for and adhere to higher standards of journalistic craft and ethics, and greater overall engagement with our communities.

Trade Watch Media also regularly organizes community events – everything from concerts and open mics, to variety shows and burlesque cabarets, as well as debates and educational symposia covering issues important to the people of our towns, cities, and state.

We strive to make information as accessible and comprehensive as possible so as to help foster more civic and social involvement by as many people possible, especially those whose voices have been traditionally underrepresented, and to provide a learning environment for those who wish to better understand the practice of journalism in the 21st century.

Regarded as the most credible, objective, and authoritative voice, Trade Watch Media has been premier source of nonpartisan insight on politics and policy for more than four decades. The full spectrum of Trade Watch Media’s media properties deliver highly engaged audience with all of the information and insights that they need to know to conduct business successfully.

We strive to deliver the news and analysis you need to catch up, start your day, and prepare for what’s ahead. Trade Watch Media Company, invites readers to learn more and be part of the American and world conversation online here at Trade Watch Media.

We are a trusted, dependable source of reliable news coverage, extensive consumer information and independent editorial commentary. We believe our newspaper and website should be at the heart of the community, dedicated to public service and fulfilling First Amendment responsibilities entrusted to us by the United States Constitution. This amendment is the foundation of this nation’s basic freedoms, allowing people to freely communicate without government restriction.

The Trade Watch Media company is a core part of this community, sharing in its successes and its struggles, and working to support and strengthen organizations that enrich our community.

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